Maserati Quattroporte S

Maserati Quattroporte S

Well, it’s not ‘new new’. It’s been given a facelift of such subtle proportions that it’s the motoring equivalent of Botox injections, specifically here around the nose. But, you know what, that’s no bad thing.

This sixth-generation Quattroporte does without the effortless grace of its predecessor but the sharper, more aggressively chamfered grille suits the rest of the Maserati’s edgier styling.

Precious else has changed outside save for new bumper profiles and infill colours, depending on your preference for the new GranSport or GranLusso packages – our test car’s the former, hence the large intakes in the bumper’s flanks and the gloss black addenda.

They really know how to create attractive cars at Maserati. The best-looking Maseratis ever were the 3500 GT and the 250F, a racing car in which Fangio and Moss won one Grand Prix after another in the 1950s. Both remain showstoppers.

Inside, the creamy leather looks and smells just right. This model was the slightly less juicy V6 petrol, although you can have an insanely fast and thirsty V8 or a diesel. Initially, it feels a very large and powerful handful that requires careful attention. But after four days, one relaxes into its charms and feels quite at home.

Despite the growling noise from the rear end when you accelerate hard, it’s surprisingly feminine. Indeed, the only friend I know who runs one is a female Labour peer. And she has excellent taste.

Maserati Quattroporte S

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