a luxury car for a pittance

a luxury car for a pittance

The property for sale by End Shop are from diverse backgrounds, it may be downgraded goods by the various public authorities, goods seized as part of criminal proceedings or of goods attributed to the State under confiscation or estate dormant.

The public sale of other products was held on Tuesday, June 21 in the morning. Next Tuesday, June 28, organized the public sale of vehicles to 10 hours. You can see the property the day before. The prizes are awarded to the highest bidder. To make a bid, you must register and leave a guarantee of minimum 500 euros. To see all items in photos, click HERE.

End Shop the sales center of movable property in Brussels held by the FPS Finance. It organizes regular auctions. This Tuesday, June 21, various everyday objects and are offered for sale, such as bicycles for adults and children, all brands of GSM, computers, and even dozens of umbrellas.

But the most interesting public sale for lovers of beautiful cars will be next Tuesday. In the catalog of vehicles (66 in all) visible on the Shop End site, include, among others, BMW I8 with only 1698 kilometers on a recent Porsche Panamera, a Jaguar, a Ford Mustang of 1975, a Land Rover RR Sport, or an Audi RS5 and BMW motorcycle.

a luxury car for a pittance

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