Lucid Motors unveils Lucid Air


And it falls well since with this sedan high-end Lucid Motors aims to come to compete with the productions of Tesla Motors, current unavoidable reference on the segment.

The commercialization of Lucid Air is scheduled for 2018 and its starting price is expected to be around $ 160,000 (€ 150,475).

It will also be noted that Lucid only evokes the “electric vehicle” aspects of the Lucid Air. And therefore remains very discreet about the aspects “connected car” and “autonomous car”. We can therefore expect more information from him in the coming months.

And I do not even talk about the stratospheric tariff! Even if Lucid has another project in its cartons (we speak of an SUV, as it is original), the market will necessarily pass by a democratization and a product much more affordable and really practical. Tesla leads the way with its Model 3, and VW engages with its I.D., but it remains to see these projects come out in series!

No information on the price of this vehicle has yet been unveiled. The date of release of this Lucid Air is scheduled for 2018.


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