Lucid Motors Air riposte to Tesla


The interior is extremely modern and very spacious, a must. The Lucid Motors Air will also offer semi-autonomous driving features thanks to its radar, Lidar and cameras. Passengers can even give him some orders through Amazon Echo or Siri.

Obviously, Lucid Motors promises an array of electronic aids to safe driving as well as autonomous driving. These technologies would be offered as standard, and improved over time by software updates over the Internet. If that tells you something, it’s because Tesla is doing the same thing.

The Lucid Air is directly aimed at the Tesla model S. The best-selling electric car in the world to date, it has indeed sharpened many appetites … At around $ 160,000 in the United States, Lucid does not Ambition to democratize the clean car but to frontally attack the premium tenors. A risky bet …

In just over two years, which seems long, but which is actually very short for the establishment of a new industry. We will be delighted with the arrival of a newcomer on the super-electric segment, with the simple reflection that this segment promises to quickly become very crowded … Let the best win!


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