Lotus owner Geely plans SUV

Lotus owner Geely plans SUV

This includes a decision on whether to produce a Lotus SUV that will be made very soon. Geely executives are already considering which platform it would be built on, the most obvious candidate being the Compact Modular Architecture that underpins both the Volvo XC40 and Lynk&Co 01.

“Lotus used to be ranked alongside Ferrari and Porsche, so we need to come back in that rank again,” he said. Helping Lotus achieve Ferrari-like status won’t be an easy task, but Geely’s been mighty successful with another previously struggling brand: Volvo.

Ever since, the rapidity of reports coming out of Lotus has been relatively dizzying. Lotus is planning a crossover. Lotus will make electric cars. Lotus still makes the Elise.

Details about the product plan haven’t been made public yet. Everything we know at this point comes from morsels of information that have seeped down from the top. One of them sheds light into the brand’s first-ever SUV, which is tentatively scheduled to make its debut in the coming years. We also know Lotus has plans for a next-generation Elise, and it aims to bring the model back to the United States after a long hiatus.

Lotus owner Geely plans SUV

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