Looking for a not so big sedan


It is an ideal car for the day to day, because it is compact and easy to handle. Its set-up is conceived for the city, so that it has a comfortable and silent march. En route, although it is not the car of “Pechito”, has a correct and expected behavior for a family car.

One thing to note about this model is that it comes with Stability Control and 4 airbags. For the latter, because of its comfort of walking, and for its interior space and trunk capacity, we found an alternative more than valid to be taken into account by those looking to make a rational purchase.

The engine of this Citroën is the already known 1.6 liters naftero of 115 hp. It is a propeller that is good for the conception of this familiar model, which shows a little lazy in the bottom of the cuentavueltas, but en route travels very well.

It is offered in a single version that comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox. In practice, its engine is not spender, but we thought that a box of 6 would have favored it for a more comfortable trip.


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