Lincoln Navigator unveils new concept

Lincoln Navigator unveils new concept

As with other vehicles of the brand, the Navigator concept does not skimp on luxury, and the design team was inspired by boats and luxury yachts to produce the vehicle. If outside sleek and rims recalling the spirals formed by some shells, it only gives a small taste of what lies within …

Inside, there are six ultra-comfortable electric wheelchair with up to 30 adjustment positions and a table upscale edge complemented by a large touch screen accessible to the driver, who will also benefit from a digital rearview mirror . Besides, the four passengers will also have access to a dedicated touch screen, but also Wi-Fi, a connection being directly embedded in the vehicle.

although we joke, and as the doors gull-wings do not have a second hinge as the Tesla Model X, it is unlikely that this concept the light of day in its current declination. You would have to park at least three meters of another car, and when the doors could be opened without touching the ceiling.

Under the hood, America is changing and there are no V8! But a V6 that develops 400 hp nonetheless. A power which is probably not too much to move the mass of the spacecraft.

Lincoln Navigator Concept

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