Lincoln hopes month-by-month leasing

Lincoln hopes month-by-month leasing

A few new driver assistance technologies find their way into the Nautilus for 2019, including a lane-centering function and adaptive cruise control with the ability to fully stop the vehicle (and start it back up again). Stop-start is also standard with both engines.

Lincoln Personal Driver is for those who don’t like Lyft or Uber because of the condition of the vehicles that can arrive or the logistics of a car seat. It could also be for someone who can drive to a medical appointment but can’t drive him or herself home after a procedure. “Instead of sending a car, we send a driver,” Galhotra said.

Lincoln hopes the new Nautilus continues its predecessor’s streak as the brand’s top-selling model, with nearly 40 percent of buyers coming from other brands, and sales in China on pace to rise nearly five-fold since Lincoln debuted there in 2015, to 50,000 units this year.

Lincoln plans to launch its collaboration with Clear in January. New Lincoln buyers will get a six-month free membership, while Black Label clients will get one year. The service allows members to proceed to a dedicated line at security checkpoints, where they can pass through by tapping their finger on a screen or scanning their eye. The service is in place at more than 30 airports and sports arenas nationwide.

Lincoln hopes month-by-month leasing

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