Limited Edition 2017 Holden Commodores

Limited Edition 2017 Holden Commodores 1

Time for a manual. This is more like it. The Motorsport edition was built for this track, sitting flat in the long sweeping corners as the suspension sensors measure the car’s movements 1000 times per second.

I strive to feel the rear bushes controlling the car better but, to be frank, the only time I could genuinely feel the difference was under extremely hard braking from high speed. The tail didn’t wag in the air as much.

What’s most intoxicating is the sound. You could easily kid yourself thinking you’re behind the wheel of a V8 Supercar.

Both the Motorsport and Director Edition, come with driver mode control including magnetic ride control which offers three settings: Tour, Sport and Performance. The “Motorsport Edition takes track performance to another level with the use of a high-rate sub-frame bush to improve driver confidence under maximum lateral and braking events.

Also with a focus on performance, Magnum now packs the same FE3 rear suspension tune seen on the SS-V Redline sedan”.

Limited Edition 2017 Holden Commodores

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