The Lightly Refreshed Nissan 370Z

The Lightly Refreshed Nissan 370Z

Visually, Nissan has added black door handles and a black rear bumper, while tinted head and rear lamps are now standard. Perhaps the 19in alloys and metallic red paint will be easier to spot. Inside, a seven-inch touchscreen featuring sat-nav, DVD player and a rear-view camera is standard on GT as well as Nismo models.

Other than that, the 370Z keeps its naturally aspirated 3.7-litre VQ37 V6 engine producing 323bhp, available with the aforementioned 6-speed manual, or 7-speed torque converter automatic.

The price for this surfeit of exciting updates? £29,185 on the road.

Our Spidey senses tell us that Nissan is waiting until 2019’s 50-year anniversary of the introduction of the Z badge before making a bit of a fuss about a replacement. Watch this space.

You will now get the 2018MY updates on the 370Z if you pop off to your Nissan dealer and remind them it’s a car they still sell. Prices start at £29,185.

The Lightly Refreshed Nissan 370Z

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