Lexus LS500h, the full hybrid limousine

Lexus LS500h, the full hybrid limousine 1

Currently, there are two main engines available at Lexus: the 300h, which has a four-cylinder petrol 2.5 and an electric motor (or two, on four-wheel drive versions) for powers that might lead us to believe that the Lexus are But the CVT transmission unfortunately erases the slightest sporting impulses of the Lexus.

Instead of being flexible, Lexus hybrids are formidable, comfortable and perfectly designed for current traffic conditions where it is better to be “zen” and consume as little as possible. In his essay in the United States, Alexandre Bataille summarized the RX450h in a few words: “The Japanese is more segmented than its competitors and stands out as a bonus with its full hybrid technology.” While waiting for rechargeable hybrids, this does not seem to be on the program right now at Lexus.

There should not be too many surprises, however, as this LS500h will most certainly take the LC500h’s mechanics, namely a gasoline V6 associated with an electric motor for a power of 354 hp, always in full hybrid, in the purest tradition Lexus .

Unless an unexpected event, this new Japanese limousine should not be entitled to the rechargeable hybrid, which is a pity insofar as the competition (and in particular the Mercedes S-Class) proposes.

Lexus LS500h, the full hybrid limousine

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