What is the latest evolution of Lexus LS

What is the latest evolution of Lexus LS

Since the period of high growth, Japanese cars have been very successful in the North American market, which is one of the main markets, but most of the evaluation is “cheap and running well” and “almost unbreakable” most. Although it is accepted as a popular car, the luxury car on it, Lincoln and Cadillac of the American group, Mercedes-Benz of Germany and BMW had no teeth at all.

Speaking of Toyota’s luxury car, it is famous for its long history “Crown”, but because of its exclusive model for Japan tailored to the Japanese road environment, overseas exports are not being conducted, and Toyota’s finest class for North America The model was “Market Ⅱ” sedan based “Cresida” one class lower than Crown. In order for Toyota to compete in the luxury car market in the world, it was necessary to develop new development including brand, not extended line of crown.

Toshio Asahi, chief engineer who served as LS development director, joined Toyota from “a strong admiration for the first LS”. How did he interpret “the first shock”?

“The fact that LEXUS arrived in a short time with German crowds was because there was outstanding product power, quality, performance, and service of the original LS, so expand those that exceed all those in the next chapter By differentiating firmly from other companies, we have developed “with the thought that it can exceed the impact of the first generation.”

Toyota president Toyoda who served as Lexus’ master driver in vehicle tests also said he took over the handle and ordered the engineer to do it over and over again, including the design side. After that, trial and error continued, and finally pulled out the words “This is fine.”

What is the latest evolution of Lexus LS

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