A large SUV Seat in preparation

A large SUV Seat in preparation

Richard Harrison – Seat the big boss of the UK – has recently made some confidences to our colleagues in the English media Autocar. These seem to confirm that Seat is set to make its revolution to the end of the decade. Besides the new SUV Ateca, the brand should indeed have several other new models in its range.

Today, if Richard Harrison suggests that the next generation Ibiza is not very far, it also evokes the launch of a small SUV that will compete with the Nissan Juke, but also that of a larger SUV and more imposing than the Ateca. For the latter, all is still obviously hypothetical. For, according to him, the Seat customers are not necessarily ready to hand the portfolio to acquire a more expensive vehicle than usual.

Seat does not stop there, since according to Carscoop, a small SUV should also enter the range. The latter, which should also be based on a shortened version of the MQB platform would drive then directly on the lands of the Peugeot 2008 and the Opel Mokka.

If the issue of the convertible is often asked, Richard Harrison, director of Seat UK says no such vehicle is provided, the segment increasingly diminishing and is not profitable enough for the brand.

A large SUV Seat in preparation

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