Land Rover Series 1 Reborn

Land Rover Series 1 Reborn


Land Rover has unveiled its new Series 1 Reborn Techno Classica today taking place in Essen, Germany. In fact, one can not talk of a new model, since it is actually a model of 1948 completely restored according to the specifications of that time and using parts of origin Rover Land to preserve ‘authenticity.

The men of the Land Rover restoration department will not remain there with 25 other copies of 4×4 will treat their expert hands. Parts guarantees by the manufacturer 100% original retain the authenticity of the model. Interested choose the exterior color of the five colors of time: Bronze Green, Dove Grey, Light Green, Poppy Red and Blue Raf. Once setup is complete, the customer will follow the refurbishment process from beginning to end.

Five sensible colors symbolize the most of this time were selected: Light Green, Green Bronze, RAF Blue, Dove Grey and Red Poppy.

Each customer will choose itself the vehicle that suits him best among the available park and be able to follow all stages of the rehabilitation of his Land Rover.

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