Land Rover launches into autonomous off-road

Land Rover launches into autonomous off-road

The first tests will focus on communication between vehicles and between vehicles and the road infrastructure. The cars can communicate with each other but also with road signs, billboards and traffic signals gantries. Ultimately, the sharing of data between vehicles will assist the driver for easier and safer lane changes and access to intersections. The first research vehicles will be tested over 65km of motorways and urban roads around Coventry and Solihull by the end of the year.

The system “Roadwork Assist” uses a stereo camera to generate a 3D image of the road and thus recognize the presence of cones and safety rails. The system will detect the arrival in a work zone, calculate the best path from the site and warn the driver of a road narrowing. It will also control the steering wheel gently so that the car remains in the middle of its lane.

After making a first quarter up 9.5%, Porsche ended the half year with only 3%, with a total of 117,963 vehicles delivered. Yet the Macan, the small SUV launched in late 2013, continued to rev up (+ 11%) to represent 38% of the mix. This represented 23% in 2014 (the year up 17% for Porsche) and 36% in 2015 (the year up 19%).

The Cayman models (6115 units) and Boxster (6740 units) yielded double-digit growth, the 911 (18,579 units) earn 10%, but the Panamera drop pending renewal: it is available at control since June 28 and will be concession in November in Europe and then in January 2017 to the United States and China.

The brand grew in all its main markets in Europe 5% (40,646 units), 4% in China (with 30,440 deliveries) and the United States by 6% (26,708 units).

Moreover, the British group is also trying to refine its technology Overhead Clearance Assist is able to detect obstacles in suspension and warn the driver if the height is insufficient to pass. For now, Land Rover did not mention availability date of these innovations on production models. But these advances in the conduct with clear ambitions manufacturer for independent all-terrain vehicle.

Land Rover launches into autonomous off-road

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