Land Rover design boss targets independent trainers

Land Rover design boss targets independent trainers

The Land Rovers are the joy of the preparers and it is enough to cross the columns of the Auto Blog to be convinced. Demand is strong, so enjoy. But the beautiful days could be counted. Gerry McGovern does not mince his words when he talks about them. “It’s easy to take a model that has already been drawn, to add a spoiler or other accessory, but I would like to see them in drawing one. We see them taking our creation and making more money with, “he said.

The design manager promises bankruptcy to the preparers. “We’ll have them locked up with SVO. Our creations will be better, “he said. We do not know which preparer caused the ire of McGovern, but he went up.

It is true that some people are sometimes content with very light things on models with strong attraction to advertise. Conversely, other preparers like Gemballa or Mansory go in the opposite extreme by sometimes denaturing the original car. This is the law of demand, especially from the Middle East or Russia.

Gerry McGovern, the Land Rover design boss, wants to put these trainers “out of the business” by offering something impeccable and complete with the Land Rover customization department, SVO. What would finally be funny is that the preparers are tackling in the future to a Land Rover vehicle already passed in the hands of the teams of the SVO department. It would then be a response to the small war launched by the Briton.

Land Rover design boss targets independent trainers

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