Land Rover complaint against Landwind

Land Rover complaint against Landwind

The action taken by Jaguar Land Rover is not certain to succeed. For attacking a car manufacturer, it is also addressing the politico-economic system set up by Beijing. But if JLR had to win his case in court, other international manufacturers could step into the breach to counter local models more or less obvious plagiarism. According to Chen Jihong, a lawyer from Beijing Zhong Lun Law Firm office told Reuters, a victory of JLR “promote” respect for intellectual property rights in China.

It has become a habit … The Chinese automakers have no qualms to integrate their range of certified copies of European models. However, this is much more rare is to see a builder of the Old Continent complaint against one of its Asian counterparts called for a copy. According to Reuters, the Jaguar-Land Rover group decided to sue Jiangling Motors, saying the SUV Landwind X7, the first vehicle of the brand and marketed for a year, adopts a similar design to that of the Range Rover Evoque.

The Landwind X7 does not like Jaguar Land Rover. This is not a matter of taste, on the contrary! Rather, it is because the design is too close to the Evoque. So, complained JLR China.

Also according to the news agency, “international car manufacturers do not generally undertake legal actions in China, saying they have little chance of winning their case against a local company.” If successful, the Jaguar-Land Rover group could open the door to many other trials, as long as its competitors are trying their luck. In the words of a lawyer based in an office in Beijing, and reported by Reuters, that “promote respect for industrial property rights.” In this case, the Chinese auto market would have the worry about …

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