Lamborghini Urus remakes about him


This hybrid version will support the thermal version with a bi-turbo V8 of 4.0 liters.

In 1986, the Lamborghini LM002 offered a civil version derived from an all-terrain vehicle originally designed for the US Army.

Today, the Urus remakes about him, but this time for good reasons. Indeed, our colleagues at Autocar were able to glean some new information during an interview with Maurizio Reggiani, the head of the Lamborghini RD. This confirmed an important technical fact: the future SUV of the brand will be well endowed with a rechargeable hybrid block.

The purists will reassure themselves, however, that the Urus will retain the exclusivity of this green engine that will not make its appearance on the other vehicles of the mark. The range of the Italian rider will also include a turbocharged V8 engine of 4 liters, of which we do not know much yet. Indeed, Maurizio Reggiani affirmed that the turbo was inevitable for this type of vehicle, which requires a lot of torque. Again, this is not a global orientation of the brand, as all the sportsmen of the firm will continue to trust atmospheric engines.


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