Lamborghini Huracán Performant Wind-sculpted

Lamborghini Huracán Performant Wind-sculpted

Super Italian sport, the beast takes the V10 at 640 hp at 8,400 rpm for 600 Nm at 6,500 rpm boasting a weight / power ratio of 2.16 kg / hp after dropping below the 1,400 kg (1,382 kg).

It is discovered in Geneva in its special livery, a livery that shoots bronze and orange.

The lovers of a Huracán still more powerful than the others are fixed: the ticket of entry is advanced to 195 400 euros without taxes, except malus. At this price …

In addition to a design that clearly refers to the racing world, the Lamborghini Huracán Performante is equipped with active elements that allow to vary the aerodynamic support or to favor the air flow. These are gathered under the banner Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva (or ALA, “wing” in Italian).

In particular, they include a front bumper with fins capable of opening or closing in 500 milliseconds, and a rear wing whose airflow is controlled by electric fins. A system that is 80% lighter than a conventional hydraulic system. By disabling the ALA system, the aileron then acts as a traditional fixed wing, providing up to 750% extra support compared to a cut Huracán.

Lamborghini Huracán Performant Wind-sculpted

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