Lamborghini Aventador S reaches 740 HP


The cake cherry is right in the dynamic area. The naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine has been optimized and is now capable of delivering 740 horsepower. The increase of power was obtained with optimizations in the systems of variation of time of valves and of variable admission.

The torque remains the same: 70.3kgfm. The rear wheels now steer, an unprecedented feature in a Lamborghini, to improve cornering performance. There is also a new mode of driving beyond the existing Strada, Sport and Corsa. Called Ego, it allows for custom settings in the suspension, engine and shift settings.

The Lamborghini Aventador went through its first expressive change and marks the five years of its launch. Now called Aventador S, the V12 of the Italian supercar now yields 40 hp of power over the 700 hp it was already delivering. In addition to the change under the hood, the model received retouching in the external and internal visual. The official debut of the model is expected to take place at the Detroit Motor Show in early 2017.

Although the visual changes make the Aventador more aggressive, everything is designed to improve aerodynamics. The front bumper gained two side air ducts. The exhaust system has been redesigned, finished with three outputs and is 20% lighter than the one used in the previous configuration. Although almost imperceptible, the changes resulted in 130% more support force on the front axle.


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