Lamborghini Aventador S (2017) the species endures!


You are not convinced? Climb the volume and go see a video of our tests of Aventador: a space shuttle journey or the supertest at Le Mans, with Christophe Tinseau at the wheel. Enjoy this crystalline voice screaming in the towers with the fervor of a racing block. This V12 is one of the best blocks in the world. Despite the increase in power, performance would stagnate compared to the LP 700-4 … Nothing serious, since the Aventador S would fly 0 to 100 km / h in 2’9 and would be cut in its momentum by a Stunning flange at 350 km / h. Remember, in the Sport Auto 654 (July 2016), we attempted to reach this speed aboard an SV (750 hp).

Thus, aesthetically, the Lamborghini Aventador S Coupé offers even more support, and also benefits from a slightly redesigned front. At the rear, there is an exhaust outlet of “hexagonal” type, without forgetting a wing that can be adjusted in three positions, all, electronically.

To avoid ending up in the decoration, the system of integral transmission (LRS System) will be part with magnetic controlled damping. You are spared the details, but be reassured, it will not be too much to subdue the beast. Okay, where are we signing? At the bottom of the check payable to Lamborghini in the amount of € 340,000. There you are.


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