La Lucid Air will be available from $ 52,500

La Lucid Air will be available from $ 52,500

Revealed on December 14, 2016, the Lucid Air intrigued the automotive world. Without being as fascinating as Faraday Future and remaining very shy about his communication, this new manufacturer based in Menlo Park in California but with Chinese funds left doubt about the tariff, which rumors he saw exceeding 100,000 dollars (94,000 euros) And our estimate the $ 65,000.

But the surprise was significant in the release sent on March 15, the entry level Air being set at 52,500 dollars in the United States and Canada, or 49,400 euros, ecological bonus of US $ 7,500 deducted (another Bonus here not included can further lower the tariff in some states), and excluding taxes.

The Lucid Air line-up will feature a wide range of options, a full-scale transmission and a power of 1000 hp, which will enable it to shoot 0 to 96 km / h in just one 2.5 seconds, for an estimated autonomy of 640 km.

The first models to be delivered will be launched in a special edition. Limited to 255 units, this one will be equipped with a motorization of 1000 horses and will allow up to 500 kilometers of autonomy. Now available for order, this limited version can be ordered via the Internet for a first deposit of $ 25,000.

La Lucid Air will be available from $ 52,500

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