Kia unveiled the new Morning Picanto


The Picanto has two main axes: it wants to offer the equipment of the big ones on a city car and, in this market, it remains confined to its “historical” dimensions, that is to say widely under the bar of the 4 meters to the difference Of its French rivals who have all grown. It is indeed more a Twingo than a Clio that it will be necessary to compare it.

This new generation of Picanto (which is always 3.60 meters long) will offer more personalization (both outside and inside) and will have an integrated on-board display.

The new Morning features a more spacious cockpit. It will be offered on the Korean market with a petrol engine with three cylinders of 1 liter and 75 hp. The tariffs will be between 10.75 and 14.2 million won (8,610 and 11,370 euros).

Other equipment currently in vogue, personalization of which will not be deprived the new small sedan of Kia. To discover in two months, for visitors to the Geneva show and then, as of April 2017, in concessions.


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