The Kia Picanto is revealed more


The opposite would have been surprising … Unless the planned communication plan finally evolved.

The technological endowment should also be modernized, and the range of customizations proposed will be expanded. But to know the details and discover which motors are hiding under the hood of this Kia Picanto 2017, this time will wait for the Geneva show … unless the Korean brand decides to anticipate again.

In the meantime, you can find below the first four official shots of this new Kia Picanto. Marketing is scheduled for April 2017 in France.

The dashboard is entirely new and brings a real touch of modernity through notably a large 7-inch touchscreen, which the Picanto shares with the new Rio. Kia also announces unmatched load capacity on the segment without providing any figures at this time. To verify this, it will be necessary to wait until the Geneva show from March 9th, to know all the small details around this new Picanto. Then will follow its marketing scheduled for the month of April.


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