The Kia Picanto III is unveiled before Geneva


A few days before the release of the first official drawings of the third generation Picanto, Kia reveals today the first photos of his city.

Presented here in its “GT-Line” finish, giving it a more sporty look, this new city car enjoys an increase in its 15 mm wheelbase. What give it a livability slightly higher than the previous generation.

On the rear views, we can contemplate a magnificent double outlet of chrome pot and a diffuser, which will be the prerogative of the high-end version GT Line. The cockpit makes a huge leap forward ergonomic and level equipment. Finished the dashboard a little cheap from the previous generation. But again, this is a high-end, to validate on the low finishes.

In the cockpit, the change is notable with an obvious upmarket and a connected latest-generation info-entertainment system. Official presentation at the Geneva Motor Show in March before being released in April.


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