Kia Motors is ranked 11th

Kia Motors is ranked 11th

Hyundai Motor plans to strengthen its presence in the Chinese market by strengthening its presence in key dealerships, improving its product model in China, enhancing its showroom,

Meanwhile, Kia Motors’ Chinese joint venture, Dongfeng Yida, ranked 63rd in the list, ranking 11th. In terms of luxury brands, Audi ranked first with 683 points and Porsche with 680 points.

Beijing Hyundai ranked second in 2013 and 2015 for the second consecutive year since it hit the second place in 2013, ranking second in the list after last year’s Dongfeng Citroen.

The survey was conducted among 23,815 customers who purchased vehicles from May last year to March of this year, and conducted interviews and online surveys of customers in 67 cities in China.

Hyundai said its customer satisfaction rating for this year is a result of its customers’ top value in the midst of sluggish sales.

Beijing Hyundai, a joint venture of Hyundai Motor Company, announced on March 3 that it ranked first in the evaluation of sales satisfaction in China in 2017 announced by automobile market researcher JD Power.

Kia Motors is ranked 11th

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