Kia GT Will Be Like Ford

Kia GT Will Be Like Ford

What surprised us is that the GT will have a greater power figure than the all-new Ford Focus RS. The GT is said to rely on a 2.5L turbo-4 engine that can develop about 380hp. This is about 30hp more than the Ford Focus RS.

While the figures might look positive, it does not necessarily mean that the Kia GT will end up as being faster than the Focus RS. A proper race is needed to determine a winner in this contest but it will have to wait until the GT gets released. Are you excited?

While global sales for Kia also show an increase in the brands popularity.

In July, Kia sold 242,758 vehicles, 5.4% more than the same month last year. Sales were up 34.3% in China, 13.6% in Western Europe and 7.2% in North America.

Kia’s bestselling models globally in July were the Sportage (44,792), Rio (35,307) Cerato (31,569), Soul (17,243) and Optima (15,826).

They said that they are going to be revealing the GT trim on the majority of their vehicles and that it is going to be top of the range, for vehicles that have been tailored towards offering performance and power.

So with this in mind we can expect the GT trim to arrive on vehicles such as the Optima GT, which should be revealed soon, the Forte GT and Rio GT.

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