Kia brings two Stinger GT concepts

Kia brings two Stinger GT concepts

Starting off with the Stinger GT Federation, this pumpkin-flavored creation is semi-official. That is, it could be available through select suppliers. The big feature here is the subtle ground effects kit made by Air Design USA, which includes the rear spoiler, rear diffuser as well as the redesigned hood vents.

“Kia’s specially modified and aftermarket-accessorized Stinger GT and seat time in our all-new high-performance sports fastback make Kia’s 2017 SEMA experience the top auto enthusiast’s playground,” said Kia marketing VP, Saad Chehab.

The exterior features a rear spoiler, rear diffuser and redesigned hood vents by Air Design USA. Under the hood there’s an extra 15 horsepower thanks to K&N cold-air intake and a low-restriction quad-tipped Borla exhaust. Lastly the Stinger GT Federation features Eibach springs, thicker antiroll bars and a reduced ride height.

As is, this is a mild build, down to the suspension parts, which include new lowering springs from Eibach, as well as larger anti-roll bars. Rounding it off are impressive 20-inch wheels from TSW, with Falken providing the tires.

Kia brings two Stinger GT concepts

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