Jeep Renegade wins touring Harley-Davidson

Jeep and Harley-Davidson create concept Renegade Hells Revenge

The Jeep and Harley-Davidson have joined together to prepare a special Renegade for the 25th edition of the European H.O.G. Rally, an event that until Sunday (19) brings together fans of the mythical American manufacturer of motorcycles in Slovenia. Named ‘Hell’s Revenge’, the only copy won styling changes and mechanical modifications.

According to the SUV manufacturer, the Renegade impish can only be idealized because there is a great affinity between the utility owners with the lifestyle of bikers who have a Harley in the garage. For this reason, the FCA bet on the emotionality of his customers order the “Hell’s Revenge” for the Milanese studio creation.

The Jeep Renegade also received other changes, like a protective reinforced floor, high suspension and new wheels combined with BF Goodrich tires. And there’s lights LEDs on the base of the windshield.

According to the workshop responsible for customization, the flames painted on the front of the SUV symbolize passion, one of the elements that connect Harley-Davidson and Jeep. four layers of special paint were applied for the fluorescent effect of fire, designed to refer to the technique of painting with airbrush held in the tanks of motorcycles. Inside, the Renegade won a similar finish on the dashboard, while the banks combine leather Nappa type with jeans (yes, jeans).

Reinforcing the vocation off-road features all Jeep sport utility received a high suspension kit with special alloy wheels and BF Goodrich tires themselves for forays out of the asphalt. A pair of auxiliary headlights with LEDs complete the look.

Jeep Renegade wins touring Harley-Davidson 1

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