Jeep and Harley-Davidson create concept Renegade Hells Revenge

Jeep and Harley-Davidson create concept Renegade Hells Revenge

The Garage Italia Customs was the company in charge of customizing the Jeep Renegade Hell’s Revenge. This custom Renegade with a painting of fire is present in the 25th edition of the Harley-Davidson H.O.G. European, celebrated between the 16th and 19th of June in Portoroz, Slovenia. This is one of the main concentrations of owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Europe.

According to the creators of the Jeep Renegade Hell’s Revenge, the car show focuses passion values, freedom and adventure that both the Jeep and Harley-Davidson have in common. The Jeep is already on for three years with Harley-Davidson in sponsorships and on this occasion the brand of all-terrain support this event which will bring together hundreds of bikers and enthusiasts of Harley-Daivdson, giving them the opportunity to perform test-drives its line of models.

The Jeep has prepared a special version of Renegade to present the 25th edition of the European H.O.G. Rally, an event that until Sunday (19) brings together fans of Harley-Davidson in Slovenia. Named “Hell’s Revenge”, the novelty differs from other settings by special paint and details inspired by the look of the iconic American motorcycles.

If you like it, it does not help to cheer up very not. Only one copy equipped with turbodiesel engine 2.0 of 170 hp and automatic transmission gears nine, was customized for the event.

This same decoration can be seen in the interior, which also received seats coated in leather Nappa Foglizzo and black jeans, also emphasizing the custom world of motorcycles.

There are even custom board, Harley-Davidson logos, LED lights on the windshield, high suspension and light-alloy wheels shod with exclusive BF Goodrich tires.

Jeep and Harley-Davidson create concept Renegade Hells Revenge

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