Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk First Drive

Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk First Drive

We’ve been eagerly awaiting our chance to drive the Trackhawk since its unveiling early in 2017 at the New York International Auto Show. The first iteration of the Grand Cherokee SRT8 was shockingly quick with a 425hp Hemi V8 and all-wheel drive.

Now Jeep, not content with a 462bhp SRT version of its Grand Cherokee, has come up with this, the Trackhawk, claiming to be the world’s most powerful and fastest SUV.

This summer, Dodge released an even more capable version of the Hellcat dubbed the Widebody. It’s faster in a straight line, more capable when the lines aren’t so straight. Then they blew everything on four wheels into the weeds with the Dodge Demon, a full-blown drag car that produces up to 840 horsepower and rockets from 0-100 km/h in 2.4 seconds.

We went into our first stint in the Trackhawk thinking it was ridiculous. And it is, but not for the reason we had thought. What’s really crazy is how well the thing works.

Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk First Drive

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