Jaguar XKSS will rise from the ashes

Jaguar XKSS will rise from the ashes

Why? Because this model to the road were closely derived from the Type D racing reserved. They reborn and, somehow, their ashes. Except that in February 1957 a terrible fire almost completely destroyed the Jaguar plants, engulfing the car in production … including the last 9 XKSS of the 25 originally planned.

These amendments included among others a new high windshield, an extra door on the passenger side, removing the separation between the driver and passenger and the famous fin behind the passenger seat. February 12, 1957, a fire at the Browns Lane Jaguar factory destroyed 9 XKSS built or semi-built. A heart-breaking to see in smoke nine cars still being processed at the workshop.

These Jaguar will cost more than a million pounds, and it is quite possible that you will never see one on the road; However, if you have the chance to cross one, take time to admire it, since you will have before you a real piece of history.

Naturally, this has a price and the replica will not be given. It will exceed one million pounds (1.27 million euros). A detail because there are many more potential buyers than available cars, and nine involved in this reconstruction, after 59 years in the workshops of Experimental Shop in Warwick, will be “a group of collectors and customers selected with great care “. The expertise gained in the production of E-Type Lightweight be very useful to conform exactly to the specifications of the first 16 XKSS produced in 1957, every detail being certified by Jaguar.

Jaguar revival production of XKSS

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