Jaguar will go electric in 2018

Jaguar will go electric in 2018

The rumored for several months. Here it is confirmed. Jaguar will indeed extend its range by developing its first electric vehicle. This is Ian Callum, Jaguar design director, who announced on the sidelines of the auto show in New York. This model is even expected for 2018 are to believe the officer.

After several name including the Jaguar E-Pace, we now know that the first zero-emission vehicle of the British firm will grace the name of I-Pace on the trunk. Indeed Jaguar-Land Rover has filed three names on the European site of the OHIM (Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market): I-Pace, I-type and Velar. I-Pace will be based on the SUV F-Pace for the label I-Type, it begs the question whether it will use the base of the F-Type to compete with some BMW i8 or an Audi R8 e -Tron. Unless either the XE sedan that serves as support. Wait and see!

At this stage, several options are available to the firm of Coventry is developing an I-type, sort of green version of the F-Type, or afford a zero emission SUV. It is this second hypothesis would hold the rope today, especially as Jaguar have already submitted the name “I-Pace” with the US Patent Office (USPTO), which suggests a zero-emission variant of SUV F-Pace. See you in 2017, when Jaguar unveiled the concept could prefigure this future model, to get to the bottom …

Jaguar will go electric in 2018 1

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