Jaguar presents first fully electric car


This is complemented by the first screen and main 12 fleas that will serve as instrument panel and pilot’s travel computer, which will be added two screens another of equal size where they will manage all the functions of entertainment and connectivity of the car, While the smallest of 5.5 inches will be used as a digital control to control more specific elements such as climate, seats, windows, insurance, etc.

Undoubtedly a good move by Jaguar, where the only thing that seems to be missing is that they decide to launch it to production, which if it is sure is that the battle for dominance of the market of electric cars, is just beginning and paints very well.

On the battery, Jaguar has specified that they have been based on the technologies developed for their Formula-e single-seaters, giving this concept an autonomy of up to 500 kilometers using a 90kWh lithium ion battery with a liquid cooling system, Which has a fast charging mode where 90 minutes can be replenished by 80%, as long as you use a fast charge charger.

As for the interior, we find an extremely minimalist as well as a technological cabin, starting with the steering wheel which highlights the replacement of the keypad by touch surfaces to control both the computer and multimedia commands.


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