Jaguar i-Pace electric SUV


“But of course, there’s two ways of looking at sports cars. You either decide sports cars are the last mantle of the internal combustion engine because of the sound and noise, or you could argue sports cars are the ideal opportunity to go electric, because range may not be that important, because of how you use it.

“Potential performance out of electric cars is already quite phenomenal. We’ve already for over 400 horsepower out of the I-Pace, and it’s not that difficult to achieve. You could easily add more electric motors and lift power to over 600hp with all-wheel drive and even more torque,” he concluded.

Callum wouldn’t be drawn on what other models would be built on the “skateboard platform” that’s full of batteries and underpins the i-Pace, except to admit there were plenty of options.

He said because the batteries were part of the floor structure it made the passenger compartment slightly higher, something that naturally suits the design of an SUV.


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