Jaguar I-Pace Concept SUV


Jaguar says the I-Pace will be on sale in 2018, though its final form is more likely to take the shape of the production F-Pace than this wilder concept vehicle.

“One of the disadvantages of a skateboard platform is it does take up a lot of floor space, that’s why an SUV is easier, because it’s higher up,” said Callum. “Sports cars are more challenging.

“To go into a pure sports car you probably wouldn’t do a skateboard … probably do a T-frame [of batteries], down the middle.”

The EV will have a targeted range on one charge of 220 miles — close to that of the much smaller Chevrolet Bolt with a 238-mile range.

The Portuguese manager of Manchester United also owns an F-Type Coupe, and tested the performance SUV on frozen lake earlier this year.


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