Jaguar I-Pace Concept rouge

Jaguar I-Pace Concept rouge

The F-Pace E-Performance is the least powerful in the range. It remains in fact a deflated declination of the 20d 180 hp, strong of 163 hp and only available in front wheel drive and mechanical gearbox. Six reports. Its goal ? Become the only F-Pace to escape the 2017 ecological malus: 4.8 l / 100 km and 126 g CO² / km with the “small” 18-inch wheels that place it in neutral zone.

More than the eco-tax economy (the F-Pace 20d 180 4×2 BVA pays just € 173 for malus), it is the price gap that plays in its favor: € 2,500 less than the F- Pace 20d 180, only available in automatic transmission and / or all-wheel drive.

In spite of its beautiful measurements (4.68 m in length and 1.89 m in width) its Cx of 0.29 is really very low, especially if one takes into account its 23-inch wheels fitted with tires 265/35.

In the cockpit, we forget the buttons and other knobs for a more modern and digital presentation. Like its future rival, the Tesla Model X, the Jaguar i-Pace features generous storage space, with a 530-liter luggage compartment. The equipment is obviously connected and associated with the Jaguar InControl Touch Pro system of the current range.

Jaguar F-Pace 2017 1

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