Jaguar Land Rover unveils Velar SUV

Jaguar Land Rover unveils Velar SUV

Three managers as Jaguar Land Rover who allegedly were part of a Whatsapp group that shared the naked picture of a colleague are said to be under investigation.

The 2018 Range Rover Velar is the latest addition to the iconic family and now part of the Land Rover lineup. During its unveiling, it was described as a vehicle that will “stir the emotions, modern, elegant with a touch of glamor.”

The Velar, which went on sale from Wednesday evening, will be produced at JLR’s Solihull manufacturing plant, in the U.K., with full production set to commence in coming weeks and deliveries beginning with the U.K. and Europe over the summer.

Sprinkled throughout the cabin are nine USB ports and six 12-volt charging outlets, so your extended family and close acquaintances can keep all their personal electronics charged. The in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot can also support up to eight devices.

Jaguar Land Rover unveils Velar SUV

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