Jaguar Land Rover pursuit Jiangling Motors for plagiarism

Jaguar Land Rover pursuit Jiangling Motors for plagiarism

It is rare that foreign manufacturers are filing lawsuits against the kind of enterprises in China (even if the copy is often obvious) because the chances of winning are infinitesimal succeed and raiding a Chinese company on their own territory could be detrimental to their image, the Chinese thinking while foreigners are trying to intimidate their competitors.

The lawsuit mentions that vehicle Landwind sport utility X7 Jiangling Motors copy the design of Evoque. This is the first Land Rover product made in China since last year. As much at Jaguar Land Rover Landwind in that it would not comment.

It was in November 2014 that unveiled its Landwind X7. Critics have not been slow to speak out against its resemblance to the Evoque. They have roughly the same shape and almost identical headlights and rear. In addition, kits are sold to virtually eliminate all differences between the two vehicles by changing the grille and affixing logos on a Land Rover X7. This kind of kit would sell for less than $ 20 on the online sales site Alibaba.

This is not yesterday that China is accused of copying consumer goods, designer handbags to clothes, not to mention the electronics. This time, it is Jaguar Land Rover would have been victim of plagiarism: Chinese automaker Jiangling Motors would knowingly copied the Land Rover Evoque and sell this vehicle as the Landwind X7, according to Automotive News.

Jaguar Land Rover pursuit Jiangling Motors for plagiarism

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