Jaguar J-Pace with diesel electric drivetrain

Jaguar J-Pace with diesel electric drivetrain

Jaguar F-Pace, the British luxury carmaker’s first SUV, is a relatively new arrival in the market. After being shown as the CX-17 concept at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the F-Pace made its global debut only last year – at the 2015 Frankfurt Show. Curiously, Jaguar has already started work on a bigger specimen. The mystery car spotted testing is rumoured to be the J-Pace. One must note that the aforementioned name is yet to be confirmed too.

Just what platform underpins the J-Pace remains a mystery. While it’s certainly possible that the J-Pace is based off the F-Pace, there are rumors that the new SUV could ride on a variation of the XJ sedan’s architecture (hence the name J-Pace). Another bit of speculations floating around suggests the J-Pace may even be Range Rover-based. Whatever the case, look for the J-Pace to use plenty of aluminum in its construction.

Jaguar is also claiming winning class scores for deepest wading depth at 50cm and biggest boot at 650 litres.

Riding in the F-PACE is a fine place to be and the parent company are on a roll themselves. Jaguar Landrover are now the UK’s largest car producer with making half a million vehicles last 2015, 500,000 units.

If you look how far the company has come from the ill-fated British Leyland days, when woe betide any buyer who got a Friday afternoon special that rolled out the factory gates – it’s obvious that Jaguar are back in the game. In a big way.

Jaguar J-Pace with diesel electric drivetrain

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