Jaguar F-Type SVR

Jaguar F-Type SVR

The amazing history? SVO no attention, so far, that sharpen the Range Rover Sport and Evoque Sport or other Discovery Sport. So when their offer has to push the limit a vehicle as complete as the F-Type, their eyes began to shine with a metallic sheen … And to understand how the English engineers have demonstrated genius the best way is still a trial run at the helm of the most powerful, the most superlative, the most perfect of Jaguar ever built.

For this, we set sail for Spain. And more specifically on the Motorland circuit near Alcaniz. The perfect playground for this jewel of commun.Un fast track, full of more or less tricky corners and a straight line that never ends. A circuit at the forefront of the current refinement. For proof, GP bikes will compete a round of their championship …

The SVR is an F-Type is our 3.7 seconds 0-100 (0.5 seconds faster than the F-Type R), 322 km / h in peak instead of 300 and character wheelbarrows more. A € 139,500 (cabrio: € 145,500), it is also more than € 25 000 R. A priori, we say that it is a bit exaggerated. Then we look at the price list of the 911 shows that between a Turbo (540 hp) and a Turbo S (580 hp), the gap is € 28,000. Except that the Turbo S costs € 206,000. So we said a posteriori that the Jaguar F-Type SVR is a really good deal.

As soon as we launch in a test the height of the car, one tends to find the attacks of aggressive effect turns a tad exaggerated, almost cartoonish. It’s a matter of habit but better be warned. Then when takes its brands, which refines the gesture, aggression becomes very high precision. Then make much heat the carbon-ceramic brakes (optional), and everything finally met to conduct “clean” but strong, really strong. The engine is so explosive, so the reactive box, AWD so effective that fate turns at breakneck speeds and we are catapulted to the next just as quickly. It becomes a real physical activity that leaves you a little flagada after 50 km of mountain roads. Because really have to follow!

Jaguar F-Type SVR

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