The Jaguar F-Type SVR ready to appear

The Jaguar F-Type SVR ready to appear 1

In the F-Type range, the SVR is unquestionably the most radical model for all; the ultimate version, developed by the care of the sports department of Jaguar / Land Rover, the SVO for Special Vehicle Operation. SVO is the equivalent of AMG Mercedes, BMW M GmbH or Quattro GmbH Audi. A preparer so but the much larger since talent revives prestigious ancestors, armored luxury limousines or cars creates the famous agent of British intelligence, James Bond. Who says better ?

The SVR is announced at € 140,820, € 25,000 is more than an F-Type R four-wheel wheel; or 1,000 € per additional horse … The Cabriolet still requires an extension of 7,000 €. Certainly this is not given, but it must be remembered that against its German competitors, the F-Type SVR remains affordable.

Although with its big V8 5.0-liter supercharged, that of the F-Type R, the F-Type SVR is simply the most powerful current Jaguar 575 horses! With its low weight and aerodynamics reworked, it is capable of reaching 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds (Coupe), and exceed 320 km / h!

The Jaguar F-Type SVR will be far from the only one to grips with the course of 1.16 miles of the coast of race. Many manufacturers have indeed planned to make the trip to Goodwood with exceptional vehicles such as BMW, Renault, Volkswagen, Zenos, Mini, Aston Martin, Maserati, Vühl, McLaren, Mazda and Ferrari!

The Jaguar F-Type SVR ready to appear

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