Jaguar E-Pace tested in extreme conditions

Jaguar E-Pace tested in extreme conditions

At Jaguar, it’s starting to crash, well a week for the world premiere of the new E-Pace in London. The British brand proudly sends a message to the world that intensive development has been completed completely and that the new compact SUV is ready to conquer the world.

Nothing has escaped the new E-Pace, and Jaguar would like to keep it busy before the compact crossover will be unveiled shortly, supported by some prototype active photos. It is only one of the 150 test models, so let the British know.

More than 400 laps would have been ridden on the Nürburgring. In deserts in the Middle East, the car has been tested at temperatures up to 48 degrees Celsius. On the other side of the temperature spectrum are the cold tests carried out around the pole circle at -40 degrees.

The E-Pace, Jaguar calls it a sporty SUV, comes standard four-wheel drive and comes with a mix of Ingenium petrol and diesel engines. In a big week we know more. On the 13th of July the blanket is complete!

Jaguar E-Pace tested in extreme conditions

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