Jaguar breaks could ultimately survive

Jaguar breaks could ultimately survive

The Director of Jaguar design, Ian Callum, has made a clarification to his recent remarks regarding the disappearance of breaks at Jaguar. If the XE will not be broken down into break, this does not mean the end of the kind at Jaguar.

It was on Twitter that Ian Callum has responded to the misinterpretation of remarks with the following message: “I was misquoted by Automotive News about the future of breaks. I said that there would be no XE Sportbrake. Nothing more ! “

Communication error or genuine misunderstanding on the part of our colleagues, that is the question. Still, the subject is now clarified. Take this development of the Jaguar boss to discuss other information, since a rumor evokes the arrival of another SUV, smaller, alongside the F-Pace, the E-Pace. A version that would have hybrid engines or an electric motor? To be confirmed in the coming days …

If we translate this, we imagine that the XF will always be entitled to a wagon version, even if the forces of its Jaguar now rather concentrated on SUVs with the launch of the F-Pace, and probably other things to come in the medium term.

Jaguar breaks could ultimately survive

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