Initial D with GT86 Concept

Initial D with GT86 Concept

The brand has put together a new GT86 to look like the famous AE86 used in Initial D, matching every detail, from the color to the writing down the side. While they share no common parts, the 86 is regarded as the spiritual successor to the AE86 that was made famous by the comics.

Toyota says that the car has a “panda-style” monochrome livery and uses custom RS Watanabe wheels, TRD suspension, a Fujitsubo exhaust, a Cusco strut brace and a carbon fiber hood. Some of the less obvious styling elements include the yellow-tinted fog lights and silver-painted engine cover. Mud flaps were also added to match the original car, while the rear spoiler was removed.

In name and spirit the GT86 clearly riffs on the traditions of the AE86 and its role at the heart of Japanese drifting culture, this one-off ‘concept’ car celebrating the Corolla GT’s starring role in Initial D. Again, for the full geek-out see below. But from the livery to the carefully selected modifications it’s clearly been put together with impressive appreciation of Japanese car culture and Initial D’s place therein.

The end result is a fantastic creation that pays great homage to the original. Toyota went as far as hiring UK manga artist Sonia Leong to design a series of backdrops that place the car in the same action shots as the original series.

While this one-off vehicle is just a concept, most of the parts are available to purchase for fans who may be inspired to create their own version. Toyota’s concept will be on display at various motoring shows across the UK this Summer.

Initial D with GT86 Concept 1

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