Infiniti reveal high performance Q60 hybrid

Infiniti reveal high performance Q60 hybrid 1

Said to incorporate a radical energy recovery system, that harvests energy to boost torque on demand, Infiniti says the collaboration with Renault F1 was inspired by the advanced dual-hybrid systems the French race team uses on its F1 cars.

Enhancing the aerodynamics of the Project Black S is a complete redesign of the body, with new aggressive front and rear bumpers with added downforce, as well as new side-skirts and working air vents in the hood and front wings.

The Japanese brand isn’t the only company investigating Formula One tech for the road, with Mercedes-AMG lifting the entire power unit from the W08 F1 car for its Project One hypercar project.

The Q60 Project Black S concept will be used to “help to gauge potential public interest in high-performance derivatives,” of future Infiniti models, the automaker says. Its high performance models are currently marked by the presence of a red ‘S’ badge, however this concept may preview the arrival of even faster versions that will be marked with a black ‘S’.

Infiniti reveal high performance Q60 hybrid 1

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