Infiniti Q60 Concept Has Hybrid Tech

Infiniti Q60 Concept Has Hybrid Tech

Dubbed the Infiniti Black S, the show car represents “the maximum level of performance and dynamic capability of cars offered under the Infiniti name,” the brand’s global chief Roland Krueger said in a phone interview on Friday.

Right now, this car is only a concept, and as Top Gear reports, it doesn’t even have an engine yet. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get excited for it, though. The Project Black S features a lot of neat technology that could very well make it to production.

Of course, we’ve been burned before by Infiniti and its bonkers concepts. The Q50 Eau Rogue was a GT-R powered super sedan that never made it into production, even when they had F1’s Sebastian Vettel whipping it around a track like it was real.

The concept takes the basic Q60 and cranks up the aggression to the max. The body kit is carbon fiber with flairs and wings wherever they could stick them. The car sits on with massive 21-inch wheels and “blued titanium” tailpipes to make a vehicle that would look perfectly at home in a Need For Speed video game.

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