the Infiniti Q30 Sport 2.0T 7DCT 4WD


With emphasis on high quality materials and most advanced technologies, Infiniti Q30 is for challengers. It offers a complete technology package that augments the car’s driving experience, providing supreme safety to all occupants. The new Q30 makes a bold visual statement through its exceptional exteriors and superb interiors. The car has been engineered to exacting standards to deliver a driving experience that is distinctly Infiniti. It stands out for its versatile dimensions, confident dynamics and intuitive technologies.

Not only will people be able test drive these luxury INFINITI vehicles, but all participants will receive an exclusive $25 gift card to the ComplexCon Gift Shop, compliments of INFINITI.

Empower the drive during INFINITI’s two-day Ride & Drive experience, only at ComplexCon!

Putting technology to one side, there was a time when the ultimate accolade for a car in this class was to talk about a Germanic air of sturdiness. Now we can justifiably talk about Sunderland solidity.


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