i30 N development car tackle Nürburgring

i30 N development car tackle Nürburgring

Hyundai says 40 per cent of this car is new, including a newly-developed 2.0-litre turbo engine that’s designed as a “performance focused powerplant.” Hurry up with the road car! Also of note in the fresh parts are wheels, wings, transmission and dampers. With VW having made such a fuss about the importance of the Nurburgring in setting up the Golf Clubsport S, it will be interesting to see how much from this race car will make it to an i30 N production car.

Initially thought to be a prototype for a model from the Hyundai N performance division based on the the current i30, the car is now thought to be a test mule fitted with elements destined for a Hyundai N-enhanced i30 to be launched as part of the next-generation i30 range.

Hyundai said they would like to gun for a good result, but more importantly for them is the data acquired during the race which should help them hone the skills of the future N-branded performance cars. Hyundai has next to the ‘Ring the Europe Technical Center and a 3,600 square feet testing facility. The i30 N is going to pack a completely new turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine, as well as upgraded components for the transmission, suspension, dampers, along with tweaks to other areas of the car.

Despite announcing it has hopes for a “strong result” rather than an outright win, Hyundai should have a home advantage at the 24-hour endurance race. The Korean car-maker has a dedicated test facility at the Nurburgring and has been working on developing a flagship N model since 2013.

i30 N development car tackle Nürburgring

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