Hyundai’s Genesis G80 Beat Mercedes

Hyundai's Genesis G80 Beat Mercedes

Established in November 2015 with the sole purpose of creating cars that can offer the luxury of the Germans and the power of cars made by the likes of Cadillac, at a very competitive price. The company’s next offering – the G80 will be launched in 2017 and is claimed to have more passenger space than a Mercedes E-Class, more horsepower than a Cadillac CTS and with a raft of active safety systems as standard that even Volvo S90 drivers are offered as optional extras.

But will all of this be enough to make clients ditch their Audi A6, BMW 5 Series or Lexus in favour of a Genesis? On paper, and given what the Korean automaker is promising, the answer could be “yes”.

Safety features include blind spot monitoring, high beam and lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, a rear view camera with optional HUD, and automated emergency braking. According to Genesis, the G80 can brake to a full stop at speeds from 5 to 50 mph, and brake partially from 50 to 112 mph.

Pricing for the Genesis G80 has yet to be announced, but should be available closer to the car’s late-2016 release date.

The design of the interior has received subtle changes to ensure your transition a pleasant one. Where the Hyundai Genesis was light on an array of high-tech options, the G80 provides a customary 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, together with navigation and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto selections. The premium sedan offers a Lexicon Discrete Logic 7 Surround setup with 17 speakers to ensure when you’re on the road you experience the music you desire. The G80 even presents linked features, together with a remote engine app which grants drivers to not only start the car but also adjust personal temperature settings, activate door locks, even locate the vehicle when you can’t remember where you parked in a giant lot.

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